Safety Management in Workplace: the Importance of Fire Drill

If you are working in a company, having a fire drill at least once in six months should be pretty familiar for you. Fire drill is a very important practice to prepare employees to response sudden workplace fire safely, calmly, and quickly. This practice is strongly recommended to any type of workplace, regardless of their fire hazards because no one knows when emergency situations will actually strike in. In this article, we will explain several significant aspects about fire drill that you need to understand.
Some of the aspects that need to be understood about fire drill are explained on the list below.

Safety Management

The objectives of fire drill: some of the objectives of fire drill can be read on the following list below:

  • Fulfilling the conditions provided by the local fire code
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of procedures of evacuation and determining any significant adjustments or changes to the procedures to enhance performance
  • Determining whether the employees have a good understanding regarding the procedures and are able to carry out the emergency duties
  • Giving employees a chance to practice applying the procedures of emergency in a simulated and safe environment
  • The frequency of fire drill: the frequency of fire drills heavily depends on both the fire hazards within your workplace and the requirements from the local fire code. If you are working within a workplace with high fire hazards, such as difficult exits within tall buildings or working with a lot of flammable materials, the recommended frequency for the fire drills is once every three months to the least. For normal workplaces, at least every six months, a fire drill should be conducted.
  • Unannounced and announced: both supervisors and employees may prefer announced fire drills because it will be easier to minimize the disruption of workflow and organize the event. However, unannounced fire drill will measure the readiness of evacuation more accurately in most cases. Whether it is unannounced or announced, it will heavily depends on the purpose of the drill. For introductory purpose to new employees, an announced drill is preferable. Unannounced drill is more useful to see how people will react to the actual situations since emergency conditions always come suddenly.
  • Evaluation of fire drill: the staffs that are responsible for the safety maintenance should observe and evaluate the drill immediately after the even to ensure the objectives of the drill are fulfilled and the workers are able to conduct the emergency procedures effectively and properly during the event. Some of the checklists include the function of fire alarm, communication system, locking devices, equipment shutdown, and how the employees handle the situation, such as checking the area, closing windows and doors, and following the evacuation routes and procedures properly.

The previous paragraph already explains about several important aspects on fire drill. Practice drills are very important to make sure every worker within the company is able to handle emergency situation properly and effectively to avoid unnecessary loss when the actual incidents happen in the future. All are in the opinion of agen Sbobet players as well.

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