Welcome to The Fire Museum!

Tours and exhibits allow our visitors a glimpse into the life of a firefighter and the changes and advancements that have occurred in fire fighting throughout time. The museum is filled with one of a kind fire vehicles and antique fire equipment, which date back to the mid 1700’s.  Kids of all ages will love the interactive judi online displays and hands on equipment. The North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum proves to be a remarkable experience and an unforgettable destination for the entire family, school group or other special guests.

North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Educational Center proudly announced its partnership with Blue Star Museums.  

Blue Star Museums offers free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day, May 27, 2013, through Labor Day, September 2, 2013

Blue Star Museums is a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 2,000 museums across America.

Museum Coordinator Renee Frye stated, “We at the North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Educational Center understand the sacrifices members of the military and their families make on a daily basis, and as a small token of our appreciation, we are proud to participate in this wonderful judi bola program.

A complete list of participating museums is available at www.arts.gov/bluestarmuseums.

Things You Can Find on the Modern Fire Museum

Things You Can Find on the Modern Fire Museum

Fire museum can be considered as one nice place to spend your weekend with your kids, especially the modern one. That is because the museum attracts a lot of people in the modern days compared with them on the old days. As an addition to that, there are so many things that you can find in the fire museum with your kids if you want to take them here. Here are some of those things that you can find on the fire museum.

The first one is the history. It is something that you cannot omit from a museum considering the fact that museum is the place where you keep all of the histories. However, the history of the firefighters and the tools and equipments used on the old times will be something quite interesting to know. The second thing is the unique tool and equipments. The firefighters used the unique and special tools and equipment. You cannot easily find any of those tools and equipments outside the fire museum. The next one is the fire truck. You will be able to find the old fire truck with the minimum features to help the firefighters taking down the fire. For your consideration, most of the modern fire museums also display the modern fire truck with a lot of special equipments that you can find inside the truck. This is quite amazing though.

Things You Can Find on the Modern Fire MuseumThe last but not least, you will be able to find a souvenir situs judi bola shop to buy something that you can use as a reminder of the museum. A souvenir shop cannot be considered as something quite common in a museum, but it is different in fire museum. That is because a fire museum is not like many other museums that you can find. The fire museum is the best museum of all.

Foreign Direct Investment: The Influential Factors

Foreign Direct Investment: The Influential Factors

The Foreign Direct Investment must be a particular topic that you cannot miss especially when you speak about the global economy. There are so many countries in the world that start to compete in order to attract the international investors, so than they can develop their economy in the best way. Besides, this kind of investment can also offer the notable benefits to the investors themselves, which one of them is the advantageous return of the capital. Nevertheless, in order to get those benefits, they have to really consider about the influential factors which you can find out below.

Here are some of the influential factors that many international investors have to take so seriously, which are:
• The resources
The first thing of all is the resources of the country that you want to put your money in. In this case, it is so much important for you as an investor to consider about the assets whether they are the raw material resources or the human resources. You have to make sure that your partner has the basic things that you need in order to support the partnership well. It will be so much better for you to invest in a country with the more efficient and cheaper production. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the production cost excellently. So, in the end, you can control the price of your product affordable for the bandar bola costumers and get the profits still.
Foreign Direct Investment The Influential Factors• The markets
Furthermore, the second factor that you cannot ignore at all when you want to do a Foreign Direct Investment is the markets. It means that you have to ensure that you really know what kind of markets that you are trying to gain, whether you want to find a new market or maintain the old market. After defining your market, you will have two different options you can do to make your goal come true, which are merger or acquisition. Both of those ways will make you able expand your business to the global market in the best well-organized way for sure.
Putting it all together, those are some important factors that you have to notice mainly if you want to do a successful international investment. Hopefully, all of them can really guide you to decide the best country that can keep our business expansion up. Thus, you can really earn the splendid benefits and profits from the investment you make.


Fire Museum : About Some Prevention and Other Actions to Prevent and Handle Fire Hazard

Fire Museum About Some Prevention and Other Actions to Prevent and Handle Fire HazardThe purpose of fire museum is clear to enhance awareness of fire accident. Fire breakout can be so dangerous. It can happen suddenly and in just some minutes, the damages can be so severe and vast. Even, a house can be fully burnt in less than an hour. That is why fire breakout should be prevented. There are many ways of prevention to do and one of them is to turn off your appliances when you do not use them. This is important since usually people forget to turn off the appliances. It will be more important to do when you are going to go to for days. Even, when you are going to go for hours, you need to make sure appliances that are not in use must be off. It is because the appliances may trigger the fire. Some appliances are not able to tolerate the burden of electricity received by it, so it can explode or make fire when there is a shock or failure. This will later trigger fire and fire breakout will not be able to be avoided.

 Prevention and Other Actions to Prevent and Handle Fire HazardThen, it is also important to be careful in using sockets. Sockets can be useful since it provides some ports to get source of power. However, sockets are not device that can always work perfectly. It is also not device that can work forever. There is limit of tolerance of this device and it is important not to make the sockets get too much burdens of electricity. When you do it, sockets can be hot and even there can be such a shortcut or shocks. This may trigger fire. The other case is when people use many sockets so they are like chains of shocks. This is also dangerous, and even this is more dangerous since the sockets can be so hot and it is too risky. There can be sparks and it is the cause of many fire incidents. That is why you need to be careful in using the sockets. This is also agreed by members of agen bola.

Some Prevention and Other Actions to Prevent and Handle Fire Hazard

However, when actually you find fire incident and even you have to experience it, you need to be calm. It is the first thing to do. When you are in fear and panic, you cannot think clearly and it will only make condition worse. You need to calm and if it is still possible put off the fire, you need to do. In this case, you need to make sure electricity is fully off since there can be another explosion when there are running devices. However, when you cannot handle the condition, it is better for you to escape as soon as possible. When there are many people with you, elders and children must be prioritized to escape.

The Importance of Fire Museums and Best Fire Museums to Visit

The Importance of Fire Museums and Best Fire Museums to Visit

Fire museum is an important aspect in teaching general public about safety management during emergency situations. Other than promoting fire safety, fire museum also plays a huge role in preserving cultural heritage and history of firefighting. In this articles, we will provide brief reviews about several recommended fire museums you can visit in United States during your holiday. The opinion is agreed by gambler of poker online.

The list below will give brief information about some fire museums that you can visit in United States.

Frederick County Fire and Rescue Museum: this fire museum is situated in Emmetsburg, Maryland. The mission of this fire museum is to display, preserve, and protect the artifacts that represent the tradition and history of rescue and fire service within Frederick County, Maryland. The citizens of this county has received fire protection constantly since the initial fire engine was purchased in 1974. Some of the pieces shown in this museum include the hand tub pumper called Old Lady that was built originally in 1821. There is also another pumper called Ahrens-Fox that was first used in 1939.

New York City Fire Museum: the mission of this fire museum is to present, preserve, and collect the cultural heritage and history of the New Yorks fire service and to give fire safety and prevention education to general public, particularly to children. It was first established in 1934 as Fire College Museum located within Long Island City. This museum displays the firefighting evolution, from the very first bucket brigades to modern equipment and techniques of firefighting. Every year, this museum attracts around 40,000 visitors both domestic and international. Some of the retired firefighters voluntary tell their stories about their experience.

Victorville Fire Department Museum: this museum present the rich history and culture of the Fire Department of Victorville. This museum is established as a form of dedication to the firefighters that served the businesses and residents of Victorville valiantly. The staffs of the museum spent many hours to preserve and remodel the Fire Station No.1 and its precious artifacts. They also created a telling and interesting display of the Fire Department of Victorville evolution. Some of the most popular artifacts are the two vintage fire engines from 1930s that were used within the Victorville.

Fire Museum of Memphis

Fire Museum of Memphis: the purpose of this museum is to promote fire safety and preserve the history of firefighting in Memphis. The main target of visitors for this museum is children from all ages. They can try to be a firefighter for a day, ride on aerial platforms, try authentic fire apparatus, and more. The main attractions of this museum include the popular FedEx Fire Room. In this attraction, you are able to experience the feeling when you are in a burning building and learn safety practices to escape the situation.

The paragraph above already give brief reviews about some of the recommended fire museum in United States and the purpose of their establishment. You can visit these museums during your holiday time to give both fun and educating experience to your children. All statements are like by player of the agen judi bola.

An Overview of Fire Trucks

An Overview of Fire Trucks

Everyone should has ever seen a fire truck speeding on the road at least once in a life time. But lets admit that not everyone know about the origin and the actual function of the fire truck itself. Thus, this article will give you a brief overview regarding fire trucks.

These are some of important aspects regarding fire trucks that you may want to know:

History: based on National Geographic, the initial fire truck was not even a truck. It was initially a hand pump fire apparatus that was transported by firefighters with giant wheels. They were not driving the giant wheels and pushed and pulled it instead. The initial self-propelled fire truck was only invented in 1841. The modern fire trucks have three different types. Tanker and pumper trucks that carry a huge amount of water, up to hundreds gallons, have around 9 meters long in size. This is also agreed by bettors of judi online. Ladder trucks that are utilized to extinguish the fire in skyscrapers and high rises have around 12 meters long in size. The ladders are able to be extended up to 29 meters. Not every fire truck has red color. Some of them have black, green, or white color, depends on the country of origin.

1881 Fire Truck

Equipment: the main purpose of fire truck is to transport firefighters and fire extinguisher equipment to the blaze scene instead of being the tool itself. Fire trucks have thick hoses with several hundred feet long with the diameter from 4.5 to 13 cm. It also carries fire hydrant twists and hose nozzles that help the firefighters attaching the hose onto the fire hydrant. Firefighters carry pike poles, fire extinguishers, axes, and ladders to pull the ceilings down and check for residues that may reignite the fire. There are also extrication tools to help people that are trapped in cars. One of them called Jaws of Life, which can help the firefighters to open the car doors if it has been mangled on an accident.

Speed: fire trucks, despite its big size, are able to speed up to 96 to 113 kilometer per hour. However, when they are faced with crowded road with heavy traffic and many street lights, they generally drive slower to avoid any traffic accident. Drivers on the road are expected to pull over when they hear a siren from a fire truck to let the truck arrive at the scene of blaze as soon as possible.

Passengers: at least 8 firefighters can board on a fire trucks a one time. The fire trucks driver is better known as the engineer. The engineer is trained specially to handle the fire trucks big size. Every firefighter haul their gear to the engine. The gear include the gloves, helmet, pants, and coats that will protect them from the fire.
The paragraph above already explain about some of the things you need to know about fire trucks. All are liked by bola88 player. It is important to understand the importance of this vehicle in the process of extinguishing fire and with the information mentioned above, hopefully your knowledge about fire trucks will improve.

Safety Management in Workplace: the Importance of Fire Drill

Safety Management in Workplace: the Importance of Fire Drill

If you are working in a company, having a fire drill at least once in six months should be pretty familiar for you. Fire drill is a very important practice to prepare employees to response sudden workplace fire safely, calmly, and quickly. This practice is strongly recommended to any type of workplace, regardless of their fire hazards because no one knows when emergency situations will actually strike in. In this article, we will explain several significant aspects about fire drill that you need to understand.
Some of the aspects that need to be understood about fire drill are explained on the list below.

Safety Management

The objectives of fire drill: some of the objectives of fire drill can be read on the following list below:

  • Fulfilling the conditions provided by the local fire code
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of procedures of evacuation and determining any significant adjustments or changes to the procedures to enhance performance
  • Determining whether the employees have a good understanding regarding the procedures and are able to carry out the emergency duties
  • Giving employees a chance to practice applying the procedures of emergency in a simulated and safe environment
  • The frequency of fire drill: the frequency of fire drills heavily depends on both the fire hazards within your workplace and the requirements from the local fire code. If you are working within a workplace with high fire hazards, such as difficult exits within tall buildings or working with a lot of flammable materials, the recommended frequency for the fire drills is once every three months to the least. For normal workplaces, at least every six months, a fire drill should be conducted.
  • Unannounced and announced: both supervisors and employees may prefer announced fire drills because it will be easier to minimize the disruption of workflow and organize the event. However, unannounced fire drill will measure the readiness of evacuation more accurately in most cases. Whether it is unannounced or announced, it will heavily depends on the purpose of the drill. For introductory purpose to new employees, an announced drill is preferable. Unannounced drill is more useful to see how people will react to the actual situations since emergency conditions always come suddenly.
  • Evaluation of fire drill: the staffs that are responsible for the safety maintenance should observe and evaluate the drill immediately after the even to ensure the objectives of the drill are fulfilled and the workers are able to conduct the emergency procedures effectively and properly during the event. Some of the checklists include the function of fire alarm, communication system, locking devices, equipment shutdown, and how the employees handle the situation, such as checking the area, closing windows and doors, and following the evacuation routes and procedures properly.

The previous paragraph already explains about several important aspects on fire drill. Practice drills are very important to make sure every worker within the company is able to handle emergency situation properly and effectively to avoid unnecessary loss when the actual incidents happen in the future. All are in the opinion of agen Sbobet players as well.