An Overview of Fire Trucks

Everyone should has ever seen a fire truck speeding on the road at least once in a life time. But lets admit that not everyone know about the origin and the actual function of the fire truck itself. Thus, this article will give you a brief overview regarding fire trucks.

These are some of important aspects regarding fire trucks that you may want to know:

History: based on National Geographic, the initial fire truck was not even a truck. It was initially a hand pump fire apparatus that was transported by firefighters with giant wheels. They were not driving the giant wheels and pushed and pulled it instead. The initial self-propelled fire truck was only invented in 1841. The modern fire trucks have three different types. Tanker and pumper trucks that carry a huge amount of water, up to hundreds gallons, have around 9 meters long in size. This is also agreed by bettors of judi online. Ladder trucks that are utilized to extinguish the fire in skyscrapers and high rises have around 12 meters long in size. The ladders are able to be extended up to 29 meters. Not every fire truck has red color. Some of them have black, green, or white color, depends on the country of origin.

1881 Fire Truck

Equipment: the main purpose of fire truck is to transport firefighters and fire extinguisher equipment to the blaze scene instead of being the tool itself. Fire trucks have thick hoses with several hundred feet long with the diameter from 4.5 to 13 cm. It also carries fire hydrant twists and hose nozzles that help the firefighters attaching the hose onto the fire hydrant. Firefighters carry pike poles, fire extinguishers, axes, and ladders to pull the ceilings down and check for residues that may reignite the fire. There are also extrication tools to help people that are trapped in cars. One of them called Jaws of Life, which can help the firefighters to open the car doors if it has been mangled on an accident.

Speed: fire trucks, despite its big size, are able to speed up to 96 to 113 kilometer per hour. However, when they are faced with crowded road with heavy traffic and many street lights, they generally drive slower to avoid any traffic accident. Drivers on the road are expected to pull over when they hear a siren from a fire truck to let the truck arrive at the scene of blaze as soon as possible.

Passengers: at least 8 firefighters can board on a fire trucks a one time. The fire trucks driver is better known as the engineer. The engineer is trained specially to handle the fire trucks big size. Every firefighter haul their gear to the engine. The gear include the gloves, helmet, pants, and coats that will protect them from the fire.
The paragraph above already explain about some of the things you need to know about fire trucks. All are liked by bola88 player. It is important to understand the importance of this vehicle in the process of extinguishing fire and with the information mentioned above, hopefully your knowledge about fire trucks will improve.

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