The Importance of Fire Museums and Best Fire Museums to Visit

Fire museum is an important aspect in teaching general public about safety management during emergency situations. Other than promoting fire safety, fire museum also plays a huge role in preserving cultural heritage and history of firefighting. In this articles, we will provide brief reviews about several recommended fire museums you can visit in United States during your holiday. The opinion is agreed by gambler of poker online.

The list below will give brief information about some fire museums that you can visit in United States.

Frederick County Fire and Rescue Museum: this fire museum is situated in Emmetsburg, Maryland. The mission of this fire museum is to display, preserve, and protect the artifacts that represent the tradition and history of rescue and fire service within Frederick County, Maryland. The citizens of this county has received fire protection constantly since the initial fire engine was purchased in 1974. Some of the pieces shown in this museum include the hand tub pumper called Old Lady that was built originally in 1821. There is also another pumper called Ahrens-Fox that was first used in 1939.

New York City Fire Museum: the mission of this fire museum is to present, preserve, and collect the cultural heritage and history of the New Yorks fire service and to give fire safety and prevention education to general public, particularly to children. It was first established in 1934 as Fire College Museum located within Long Island City. This museum displays the firefighting evolution, from the very first bucket brigades to modern equipment and techniques of firefighting. Every year, this museum attracts around 40,000 visitors both domestic and international. Some of the retired firefighters voluntary tell their stories about their experience.

Victorville Fire Department Museum: this museum present the rich history and culture of the Fire Department of Victorville. This museum is established as a form of dedication to the firefighters that served the businesses and residents of Victorville valiantly. The staffs of the museum spent many hours to preserve and remodel the Fire Station No.1 and its precious artifacts. They also created a telling and interesting display of the Fire Department of Victorville evolution. Some of the most popular artifacts are the two vintage fire engines from 1930s that were used within the Victorville.

Fire Museum of Memphis

Fire Museum of Memphis: the purpose of this museum is to promote fire safety and preserve the history of firefighting in Memphis. The main target of visitors for this museum is children from all ages. They can try to be a firefighter for a day, ride on aerial platforms, try authentic fire apparatus, and more. The main attractions of this museum include the popular FedEx Fire Room. In this attraction, you are able to experience the feeling when you are in a burning building and learn safety practices to escape the situation.

The paragraph above already give brief reviews about some of the recommended fire museum in United States and the purpose of their establishment. You can visit these museums during your holiday time to give both fun and educating experience to your children. All statements are like by player of the agen judi bola.

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